Minutes September 2016

Minutes September 15th September 2016





Thursday 15th September 2016


Present:   Mr A Whitfield, Ms M Elliott, Mrs N Rutherford, Mrs J Hansson, Mrs M Stephenson-Gray, Miss L Wyatt, Mrs S Thompson.


Apologies: Mr R Dowson, Mrs P Waddingham, Mrs E Lewis, Mrs L Michaelson, Mr M Hodgson, Mrs D Thompson, Mr A Barnett


Previous Minutes Agreed:


Mrs Rutherford found that the carers pack was very informative and this is now to be rolled out to Carers


National GP Survey:


Miss Leah Wyatt went over the results of the national survey which has shown that Farnham Medical centre did reasonably well on all targets.


Friends and Family Test:


The results of the survey between June and August 2016 revealed that just fewer than 90% of our patients were extremely likely to recommend a friend to join the surgery, which was a good result.


Flu Campaign:


We are going to have a drop in clinic on Saturday 24th September 2016 between 9.30am and 3.30pm. This will be for all patients eligible for a flu vaccination – we have three nurses coming in and a health care assistant in order to make sure things run smoothly. The member of the forum thought this was an excellent idea.






Care Quality Commission:


We are to have our CQC visit on Thursday 22nd September; Mrs Stephenson-Gray has volunteered to attend on behalf of the Patient Forum.


Patient Suggestions:


Mrs Stephenson-Gray suggested that the electronic information boards could be used to inform patients that a doctor/nurse was behind with their appointments or any other important messages for patients in the waiting room, this would alleviate the pressure from the receptionist on front desk and also make good use of the system. Maybe having very important messages flashing – Miss Leah Wyatt will look into this, this was felt to be a very good idea.


The appointment system was discussed and various opinions were raised as to how to effectively deal with the appointment system. The Practice Manager is currently looking in to this.


Any Other Business:


Mrs Stephenson-Gray enquired if it was possible to order controlled drugs via the online ordering system as they are not on repeat. Miss Leah Wyatt explained that they could be ordered by entering the name of the drug in the box at the bottom of the ordering service


Date and time of next meeting:


Thursday 12th January 2017 @ 2.30pm










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