Minutes April 2016 PRG








Present:   Mrs N Rutherford, Mrs E Lewis, Mrs Michaelson,

                 Mrs J Lambert, Mrs S Thompson


Previous Minutes Agreed:


It was agreed that the new time of 2.30pm on a Thursday afternoon for the Patient Forum meetings was acceptable. It was also agreed that we would have an annual combined meeting with the Chichester Patient Forum Group – to be arranged.



Regional Patient Reference Group:


Jackie Lambert explained to the group that Farnham Medical centre has a representative who attends the patient reference group – Mrs J Mahon – it was suggested that we shall invite her to attend the Patient Forum – in order to give feedback.


Practice Update:


  1. a) Dr McCann will be leaving us at the end of May beginning of June. We have three Registrars with us currently for six months until the end of August – Drs Main, Ansari and Williams.


  1. b) The practice staffing was explained as in we now have reception staff and admin staff.


  1. c) The practice has two nurse practitioners – Heather Elliott, Lynne Jameson Practice Nurse Jayne Townes who will be managing the Chronic Disease Clinics.


  1. d) Management was discussed – Mrs Bull retired in June 2015 and Mrs J Lambert is now Practice Manager, and we have a Deputy Practice Manager, Miss L Wyatt.






Operational Changes:


  1. a) The prescription line is now open between 10.00am – 4.00pm (no longer closed for lunch)


  1. b) The results line is now open 9.00am – 11.00am – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, no result line on a Tuesday.




  1. a) There is now a baby changing facility within the disabled toilet.


  1. b) We have additional security in that there is a new electronic entry system on the back door.


  1. c) Waiting area – there will be more patient information leaflets to be accessed in the waiting room. The TV screens are also to be updates with new BBC Health Programmes.


  1. d) In the future it is planned to have a bead table and wipable books in the waiting room for the children. With regards to hygiene and infection control, these are to be cleaned daily.



National GP Survey:


Jackie Lambert went through the result of the survey with the group. Appointments were a cause for concern – Jackie is going to look at reconstructing the appointment system. The winter pressures initiative- when the surgery opened on a Saturday as a pilot – it was felt this was a success and did lighten the load from A&E. The CCG are looking at the possibilities of practices opening on a Saturday in the future.



Public Health Initiatives:


The practice has put together a carer pack in conjunction with the Carer’s Association. The packs also concentrate on the wellbeing of the Carer not just the cared for. The practice was considering maybe having a proactive drop in session offering support/alternative therapies, Age Concern could be asked to come in to the Practice. Mrs Rutherford will be sent a Carers Information Pack and she will give us her opinion on this at the next meeting, as she is currently a carer for her husband.


Jackie Lambert talked about the Change 4 Life programme (lifestyle) and Better U (self-care) which are currently being promoted.





Care Quality Commission:


Jackie explained that when the CQC come to do their inspection – they normally like to speak to patients in the waiting room, patient forum members will be invited to attend the surgery on the date of the visit, the CQC could ask questions on anything and everything to do with the patients’ perspective of the surgery.


Any Other Business:


Patient on line access – this is to enable patients to book appointment, order prescriptions they can also view the test results in their records. This may be a problem as the GP would look at the whole picture and a patient may just see an abnormal result which may be normal for them.


Appointment system – Jackie Lambert explained how the appointment system worked but as above she will be looking into reconstructing the appointment system.


Phone line – we have a new telephone system in place – however there are a lot of teething problems with this presently which will hopefully get better once patients are used to which option they need to select, in order for their query to be dealt with.


Date and time of next meeting:


Thursday 8th September 2016 @ 2.30pm


























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