Patient Representative Group

Farnham Medical Centre is in the process of setting up a Patient Representative Group (PRG), this will entail us periodically contacting the members via e-mail to inform them of any planned changes in the service, results of Patient Survey we are currently undertaking and/or just for general feedback and comments.

We would like the PRG to be as representative of the population we cover as possible.  Currently the representation is as follows:

 Male                48%

Female             52%

 Age Group:   18-24 8.5%        25-34 6%      35-44 20%    45-54 17%  

                        55-64 22.5%      65-74 20%    75-84 6%

Ethnicity:      White British  93%      White & Black Caribbean  3%

                        Asian or Asian British 4 %

We welcome all Patients to be involved but would especially appreciate contact from those who with either a low or zero representation based on the above groupings. 

Should you wish to be involved please complete the attached form and e-mail it to: or print it off and drop it into the surgery, alternatively there is a supply available at reception.

Contact Form

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