Clinics and services

Ante Natal Clinic

Congratulations on your pregnancy, please let our reception team know and they can help arrange an appointment with our midwife.

Baby Immunization

We hold dedicated immunization clinics by appointment only.

If your child has missed, or not had an appointment please contact us

Ear Clinic

Our trained nurses provide ear syringing at Farnham Medical Centre. If you are unable to have your ears syringed but are struggling with wax or debris, we also run an ear suction clinic

Cervical Screening

You will be invited by the NHS for a smear when you are due. You can book into a dedicated smear appointment online or via the app or with an practice nurse if they don’t suit you. Book your appointment today

More information about cervical screening



We offer a range of support and advise around contraception, including prescription, the injectable contraction, implant and coils. We are able to provide hormonal contraception for period control also, not just for “family planning”. Talk to your nurse, nurse practitioner or doctor

General Health Clinics

Our Practice nurses and Health Care Assistants can support with bloods pressure monitoring, weight management support, wound care including stitches and staples being removed,

We also provide clinics for FREE NHS Health checks (previously well man and well woman checks) for those aged 40-74 who do not attend our long term condition clinics. Book today

We can also see those over the age of 75 for those who are not seen in our long term condition clinics, just get in touch for an appointment

Ask us about the weigh management support services available


Usually HRT would be started by a doctor or Nurse practitioner, however once you are stable on it our practice nurses can offer your regular monitoring

Immunizations and other injections

the NHS provides a number of immunizations free of charge and we would encourage those who are eligible to make an appointment. More information on immunizations

  • We hold a dedicated baby clinic with our experienced practice nurses. If your child has missed their appointment or has not received one please give us a call.
  • Adult immunizations. We provide a number of immunizations year round, please ask reception, your nurse or doctor. We also have a yearly flu clinic, usually held off site from September onwards each year.
  • Other injections such as B12 and a  number of cancer injections are given by our nursing team. We would usually ask you to collect your medication from your chosen chemist before your appointment as we do not keep these on site

Joint Injections

A number of our doctor provide joint injections in dedicated clinics. Please ask reception for more details.

Learning disability

We would love to see all our patients who have a learning disability at least once a year. Anne and Heather, our Advanced nurse practitioners, offer an annual Learning disability heath check. We also work with a lovely team of nurses who can come to your house if you cant come to use

Long Term Conditions

Our Practice Nurses run our long term condition clinics. If you have a long term illness including lung conditions such as Asthma and COPD, Heart problems such as angina, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, Diabetes,  Vascular disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Dementia, high blood pressure etc, you will be invited each year to have an assessment and review.

If you think you have been missed please let us know.

Minor Surgery

One of our GPs runs a minor surgery clinic, this is for removal of small and none cancerous lumps and bumps. We normally ask you to provide a photo (as long as its not in a sensitive place) and you may need a phone call in advance. We have a short waiting list.

Smoking Cessation

Our Health Care Assistants provide free smoking cessation advise, support and prescriptions. Please book an appointment today


Our practice nurses provide travel advise and immunizations. Please book your appointment as early before your travel as you can. When booking your appointment please let our team know where you are traveling to and what dates you will be traveling to assist the nurse in preparing for your appointment

Please be aware you may have to pay for some immunizations as they are not provided by the NHS


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