Help us, Help you NHS 111

From Monday 1st November, NHS England and NHS Improvement launched the next phase of the ‘help us, help you’ campaign which is focused on the NHS 111 service, this service will run until the end of March 2022. The aim is to encourage people to use NHS 111 online first when they have an urgent BUT not life threatening medical need, rather than going straight to A & E or emergency departments. This will hopefully increase awareness and understanding that the NHS 111 online makes it easier for patients to get the treatment they need in the right place. The service can direct patients to urgent treatment centres, walk in centres, GPs, pharmacies and emergency dental services if needed and arrange a call from a healthcare professional.

NHS 111 online can also tell you where to get help for your symptoms, how to find general health information and advice, where to get emergency supplies of your prescribed medicines and how to get a repeat prescription.

When you think you need A & E, go to 111 ONLINE FIRST – you can access NHS 111 by visiting

People with life threatening illnesses or injuries should continue to dial 999



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